About me

I’m a part-time artist, professional cat lady, coffee lover and cake gourmet.

I’ve been more or less active in the art community since 2000 and came to love conventions in 2002, so much, that I had my first artist alley experience in 2006 and ever since then, I couldn’t imagine a year without all that. (why, thanks corona…)

At some point, my education revolved around everything regarding graphics, design and print, which helps me a lot when I plan my projects, but I wouldn’t want to work in that field full-time. I learned that an office suits me way better.

Nevertheless, I do love visualizing my ideas, stories and characters. So please watch me grow this colorful, little garden of mine!


If you have any questions, feedback or other subjects you’d like to contact me about, feel free to do so!

I don’t bite, usually!