Yes, once in a while I do commissions!

Current status: OPEN & closed for future reservations
Available slots: 1 of 4

Slots are not filled by first-come-first-serve, but by most suitable offers. If I don’t think I can do your character justice, I will decline.

Also, slots are per person, not per artwork, so one slot may be taken by one person ordering multiple artworks.

You have to own the rights to the character you request, as I will not do fanart!

If you’re interested, simply send me an E-Mail with the following information:

      • Type of commission
      • Visual references of your character
      • Preferred mood/theme
      • Any important details I totally should not miss

Please read my Terms of Service as well, so you know what you’re getting into.
If you agree with them and got all the information I need, send me an E-Mail to:

    commission [at]


Slot 1 - Sketching
Progress - Sketching 5%
Slot 2 - Line Art
Progress - Shading 30%
Slot 3 - Colored Sketch
Progress - Final Touches 20%
This could be your slot! ♡
Progress - OPEN

Please note that the prices below – if not stated otherwise – are for personal use only!
If you’re interested in commercial work, please note me first.


Tiny, but powerful.

You stream and/or have a discord community, where you want to provide your very own, unique Emotes?
Don’t worry, I do these, too! Only static emotes at the time, though.

They come as the 3 typical twitch sizes and – if you opt for it – sticker size for your merch!
Larger sizes are negotiable, but will be higher in price.

For now, I offer 2 options:

Static Emote – 35 €
Individual offer for 5 or more possible.
Digital rights only!

Sticker Sized Emote – 100 €
About 12 x 12 cm
Full Commercial Rights Included!


Small, cute, lovable.

Chibis are about 8,5 cm at 300 dpi. (~ 1000 px)
Due to their small size, their coloring is rather simple.

Currently, I offer 2 types:

Sketchy – 35 €
SeaUnicorn, side sample

Normal – 45 €
Bottom samples

Simple Square

My favorite practice.

These are about 10 cm at 300 dpi. (~ 1200 px)
Currently I offer them for single characters only.

You can choose between 3 types:

Simple Color – 50 €
Bottom samples 1 & 2

Medium Color – 65 €
Side sample; Bottom samples 3 & 4

Full Color – 80 €
Bottom samples 5 & 6

Full Illustration

The real deal.

With those I’ll go all out on A4 at 300 dpi.
For now you can get up to two characters per artwork.
Prices are for single characters, please add +50% for a 2nd character.

Right now, I offer 3 types:

Character + Simple BG – 160 €
Side sample; Bottom sample 1 & 2

Character + Medium BG – 190 €
Bottom samples 3 & 4

Character + Detailed BG – 250 €
Bottom samples 5 & 6