I have so many projects in my head. Putting them together like puzzles, nurturing them, until they’re ripe enough for harvest.
Every OC I have is usually such a tiny piece. Given that I do have quite a few, I’ll hopefully get to tell all their stories.

Right now, my main focus is on Baker’s Rabbit and in the background on Aris in Wonderland, as those two will meet at some point.

I love printing and publishing. The whole process, planning and choosing the papers, materials and extras.
Being able to turn all that into something you can actually hold in your hands… I just love it.

Baker’s Rabbit

The story about the sly fox and the white rabbit, who’ve been chatting for a few years online and then met for the first time on the rabbit’s 20th birthday.

Kai and Rabi were so casual with each other, that Rabi forgot that he lied and pretended to be a girl online for certain reasons. Should be fine, because they met on a queer forum after all, right?

Well, if only things would be so easy.

Paperback, about 200 pages, 18+

The German version of Baker’s Rabbit Vol. 01 is scheduled to be published in 2021/2022.
Followed by the English version in 2022.