Sometimes easy, sometimes hard or even impossible on other days.
On this page you can find a selection of my Artworks. Some older, some newer and even a WiP of my current work.


Let me put an honest advertisement here:
For my works I use Clip Studio Paint to 99% and 1% Photoshop.
I can sincerely say, that I really recommend that program to anyone who wants to do digital art, be it as a pure hobby, as a side-income or professionally.
It offers so many functions, that I’m not sure if anyone even knows all of them. Even I, who purely works with it since 2016, discover new things from time to time.
You get regular and free updates, have access to lots of free and paid materials via Clip Studio Assets, can publish your own materials, tutorials, etc.

You can try it for free for 30 days and if you want to get a license, you can consider to support me a bit by using this affiliate link. ♡